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November 15 6PM Update

$17,185. Lets gooooo for $18,000!

Top grade wins a Game Day hosted by the PTA! Board games, Bingo with Prizes!

Top class for each grade wins an ice cream sundae party! Check out where your class stands! So close!

Top student per grade wins 2 carnival wristbands!

November 15 2PM Update

November 15

$15,355!!! Fundraiser closes today!

Leaderboard totals are as of 9:30pm last night.

Life Hack: If you are thinking about donating  $10, donate $11. Most donate in even increments and that extra $1 may just break a tie. But now that we have shared the hack with everyone, you may need to add an extra $2 or more? See what we did there…

All jokes aside, you all are ABSOLUTELY amazing with all the donations and sharing our posts. Your efforts are seen and we appreciate you all so much for that. We are surrounded by such a great community!

Reaching our goal would be such a wonderful way to say thank you to our teachers with device charging/organizational carts while also increasing instructional time in classrooms. It’s really a win all the way around!

November 14 Update - 9:30pm

Way to go 2nd grade you all are leading the way!

…but don’t get too comfortable we have some cash/check commitments promised that will definitely change the leaders. It’s really a close race!

Please make sure you turn any cash/check into your teacher or office tomorrow to get your donation counted.

Thank you all so much! The activity this evening has been wonderful!

November 14 Update - 5:30pm

Totals as of 5:30. Keep it coming you all! 2nd grade made it to first place! We are loving this energy!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 100% of your donations are tax deductible.

November 14 Update - 3:30pm

Who’s ready for a little competition? The grades are so close! Any donation can really change things up!

These are totals as of about 11 am today.

We will run reports at 5:30pm and 9:30pm this evening. Get your donations in before then to see updated leaderboards!

November 14 Update

Let’s go Buffaloes! You all have donated more than $12,650! We have achieved 5 of our 6 milestones and that’s a big accomplishment!!!

Our Game Day Challenge is in full swing with Kindergarten leading the way. 

Mrs. Simmons' class is our class leader of the day! This is their second time winning! Check back for a pic of the class with their trophy and spirit stick.

**Leaderboard is calculated based on donations received as of 11/13.

Does the company you work for offer matching corporate donations? If you need a donation receipt or information to apply for a matching donation please email We will help provide and evidence all the information required.

November 13 Update

Mrs. DuBrock's class is our Glow Nut winners.

Extremely THANKFUL for all the generous givers we’ve had so far.

It’s a great day to be a buffalo! The buffalo community has raised over $11,000!

We are in the home stretch! We want to close this fundraiser out with a bang, and we think we’ve come up with a fun incentive for our Buffaloes. This time we want more Buffaloes to join in on the fun! Ready for the challenge?

The grade level with the highest donations from 11/11-11/15 (past Saturday-Wednesday) will win a Game Day hosted by the PTA. Buffaloes will get to enjoy board games and Bingo with prizes, all while munching on a treat with their friends! The event will be held after the Thanksgiving break.

We are less than $1,000 away from funding our next goal, Field Day, and more than half way to our overall goal. If we reach our $20,000 goal, we will be able to fund device carts for all classrooms.

Device carts help both teachers and students stay organized while reducing the loss of valuable instructional time. Devices can be easily charged and located, time is not wasted untangling cords. We have seen multiple requests for device carts through our classroom mini-grant program and we see these on teacher wishlists. Lets make a push to get these funded!

November 9 Update

Mrs. Fulkerson's class is absolutely thrilled to be the leading class of the day!

Check out today's leaderboard. Thank you all for leading the way!  We are so grateful for an engaged community.

Can you believe we are less than $900 from meeting our next milestone? Our next milestone is a great one, classroom mini grants! This fall the PTA is funding $2000 towards classroom grants. Our goal is to help fund special programs, projects, items, and/or events that benefit individual classes, a department, or an entire grade level. It's a great way to support our teachers and staff with any goals they have in mind! 

You can learn more about the program and see past winners at

Another November 8 Update!

The Glow-Nut Race is on!! Let's go buffaloes!!!

The class with the most donations during 11/08-11/10, will win a donut breakfast and extra student glow prize on Monday 11/13!

We have already surpassed our BrainPop milestone! BrainPop is another fun educational program funded by the PTA and used in classrooms. It provides curriculum based content in a fun way and engages students through animated videos, real-world scenarios, educational games and quizzes. Ask your students to tell you about Moby, Tim and Annie! It costs the PTA roughly $2700!

PTA is also excited to announce we are bringing Orbit (Houston Astros mascot) to visit our buffaloes in January. Orbit will help us kick off Rustic Oak’s February Kindness month with a Strikeout Bullying Show. This is a fun and interactive show with an emphasis on a bully-free environment in and out of school. Get a preview of the show here:

November 8

📣📣📣 We’ve reached our third milestone 📣📣📣

And just in time for Mrs. DuBrock’s class to celebrate their first Class Leader of the Day! 

We have some changes in the leaderboards as well, take a look, do you see your student on there? If not, it’s not too late! We have 7 days left and there are some tight races, every donation big and small counts. 

In the spirit of competition, the PTA has organized a small challenge for the students over the next 3 days, the class with the most donations during 11/08-11/10, will win a donut breakfast and extra student glow prize on Monday 11/13. It will be a “Glow-nut” day! What a way to start the week! 🍩 

Thank you to our Buffalo Community for continuing to support our PTA, the students, the staff, and our school thank you! 

November 7

We are just as excited as these buffaloes are for a new leader of the day! Mrs. Simmons class is leading the way today and they sure are excited about it

Check out the latest leaders, we have some really tight races and every donations counts.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our second milestone, there is still plenty of time to support your PTA, every $$$ donated goes right back into supporting PTA funded programs like, Accelerated Readers, Scholastic Readers, Brain Pop, and so much more!

November 6

Look who's back at it? Mrs. Pritchard's class is leading the way in donations over the weekend!

Did you know the PTA funds programs which are used heavily in classrooms? Have you heard your student talk about the Accelerated Reader program (AR program) or have you seen them login at home to Renaissance to take a test? With the AR Program, teachers guide students by establishing personalized reading goals for them. They get to decide what books they read, and then take a short quiz to test their comprehension and literacy skills. Quizzes will earn them AR points. If they reach their AR goal, they get rewarded. Mrs. Kelly already has something exciting in January planned for those who reach their goal! This is one of many programs sponsored by the PTA. Stay tuned as we feature other PTA programs in our updates.

November 3 

Happy Friday Buffalo Fam!

We can’t wait to see you tonight at our Family Movie night! Didja know PTA dollars help fund all those kind of things too?

So extra-loud round of for our givers!

And SHOUTOUT to Mrs. Mayfield’s amazing class! They are our new leaders and they get to rock both our spirit stick and trophy!

Recognize any faces? Thanks so much for all our support! We couldn’t do it without YOU!

November 2

Hey, hey, hey! Look at our leaders today!

Our Thanks & Giving Fundraiser has kicked off!

Daily donation totals are calculated each day. The class with the most donations from the previous day gets to celebrate their victory around campus with our trophy and spirit stick.