Classroom Mini Grant Program

The 2023-2024 Rustic Oak Elementary PTA Mini-Grant Program is back! And, our goal is to help fund special programs, projects, items, and/or events that benefit individual classes, a department, or an entire grade level. 

The PTA has approved $2,000 for mini-grants awards.

See the application for more details.

Deadline to submit is November 16, 2023.

23-24 Mini-Grant Application.pdf

2023 Spring Mini-Grant Winners 

Mrs. Angel

Grant funded items to help make the counselor's office a calm and relaxing space through lighting, smell and sensory sand.

Mrs. Lam

Grant funded printmaking tools which give students to opportunity to stretch their creativity while applying critical thinking and problem solving skills.

First Grade Team

Each 1st grade classroom was awarded ABC letter cards to support phonemic awareness.

Mrs. Streater

Grant funded a C-Pen Reader pen to assist struggling students independently get reading assistance as well as build fluency and print awareness.

Mrs. Roughton

Grant funded a flexible seating yoga ball for the behavior support intervention. Flexible seating stimulate students' sense of touch which can help children focus and process information.

Mrs. Gillis

Grant funded a Touch & Read Phonics Word Match Set. The set will help students with their phonological awareness.

Mrs. Martin

Grant funded additional books to support the classroom's take home reader program.

Mrs. Muschalek

Grant funded writing tablets to aid in literacy and math stations. Also funded a phonics set to reinforce decoding skills.

Mrs. Scopel

Grant funded word recognition resources which help prevent decoding and word solving challenges.

Mrs. Myer

Grant funded card bank to help build and increase reading fluency.

Mrs. Simmons

Grant funded laptop charging cart to allow the classroom to stay organized and maximize learning time.

Mrs. Guthrie

Grant funded fluency and comprehension partner scripts to help students with fluency, oral expression and comprehension skills.

2022 Fall Mini-Grant Winners

Ms. Townsend

Grant funded a slam ball, ball pit balls, sensory wall fabric, liquid fusion floor tiles for her and Mrs. Streater's classroom.

Ms. Streater

Grant funded a slam ball, ball pit balls, sensory wall fabric, liquid fusion floor tiles for her and Mrs. Townsend's classroom.

Ms. Gillis

Grant funded mobile charging cart for iPads for her classroom.

Ms. Martin

Grant funded "Heggerty Primary Curriculum, ABC Letter Cards, and Consonant Blends and Digraphs" for her classroom.

Ms. Scopel

Grant funded a NearPod subscription for her classroom.

Nurse Scott

Grant funded an ice maker for all the boo boo's in the nurse's office.

Ms. Guthrie

Grant funded high interest intervention reading folders for her classroom.